How to Stake LDN on SUSHI

Ludena Protocol has been selected by SushiSwap to be featured on their Onsen program, allowing users to earn 30~40% apr by providing liquidity to the LDN-ETH pair! Stake your LDN and get SUSHI as reward!

Follow 7 simple steps on how to stake LDN on SUSHI!

  1. Set up Metamask
  2. Add Ludena Token
  3. LDN/ETH Deposit
  4. LDN/ETH Swap
  5. Purchase LP Token
  6. Staking
  7. Harvest Reward

1. Set Up Metamask

Download Metamask widget on Google Chrome.

Save see phrase and complete creating a wallet!

2. Add LDN Token

Click “add Token” on Metamask.

In the “Custom Token” , add the following contract address :


LDN Token Added!

3. Transfer Ethereum and Ludena Token

Send ETH and LDN to the Metamask wallet.

If you only have one of them available that’s fine!

4. LDN/ETH Swap

In order to buy LDN LP Tokens to stake, LDN Token + ETH is needed.

Balance LDN and ETH similarly

ex : $1000 worth of LDN + $1000 worth of ETH

Short on LDN or ETH?

Go to and connect your Metamask.

Then, buy LDN and ETH needed!

If the LDN Token doesn’t show up, add following address:


5. Purchase LP Token

Go to SushiSwap and add pool (

In the “Liquidity”, select LDN and ETH and purchase LP Tokens!

6. Staking

in “Farm”, find LDN and stake everything!


7. Harvest Reward

You can see your Reward and can harvest whenever you want!



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