December 2020 Update: LDN Listings & An English GameTalkTalk App

Happy holidays to everyone from the team at Ludena! What a whirlwind couple of weeks it has been. We were so excited about our initial listing last month that we forgot our November update blog altogether. First, we want to apologize for missing that, more so because we prepared a turkey, Thanksgiving LDN banner and everything… missed opportunities.

If you didn’t already know, on November 27th at 3pm KST, LDN was listed for the first time on the GoPax exchange in Korea. In a short time we saw the price jump from about 100 KRW to over 500 KRW! Even we did not expect that amazing market reaction. We hope to announce more listings soon and, of course, can’t wait for LDN to be put to use in our first DApp, GameTalkTalk, coming early 2021.

Many of you have voiced your concerns that trading is only available to Korean nationals and we have been working tirelessly to make $LDN available to a wider audience!

For the time being, you can keep track of $LDN market trends here.
You can also buy or trade $LDN here.

After much anticipation, we are so happy that the English version of the GameTalkTalk app is finally set to be released on the Google Play store this month. The application has been sent, so any day now we will be thrilled to send you the app link! This will mark the first time gamers from outside South Korea will be able to access GTT rewards for playing video games! Some would say we’re making gamers’ dreams come true.

Earn stars for participating in various platform events or for accepting missions and quests. Trade those stars for gift cards or game items in GameTalkTalk’s Star Shop! It’s that simple!

In late December we also released the game Talk!Tris! Our 2048-style, rewards-based game with multiplayer, single player and AI battle game modes. This hyper casual game marks the second platform title that includes the Ludena Protocol cast of customizable characters.

In light of these exciting updates and to celebrate our growing GameTalkTalk family, we have a once-in-a-lifetime event happening now on our app. We are giving away up to $100K (USD) in prizes to new users only!

There has never been a better time to download GameTalkTalk!

We know that our app has so many different ways to earn rewards for gaming that learning how on your own could be difficult. For example, earlier this year we partnered with Theta Networks and embedded the mobile SDK on GameTalkTalk. This meant that all GameTalkTalk users were now given the option of receiving TFUEL for simply watching Theta TV streams directly on the GameTalkTalk app.

This is only one of the many features on GameTalkTalk that allows you to earn rewards for gaming-related activities. We want you to get the most out of your GameTalkTalk experience, which is why we made a Theta.TV dedicated streaming channel. We will show you how to use the app to its fullest, how to participate in events and how to earn exclusive gaming perks.

Our first stream event is happening next Friday, January 7th, 2021! This stream will kick off the new year by showing you how to use the app and earn rewards and, most importantly, how to enter our $100K New User Event!

Back in August 2020, we announced that past $LDN event winnings would distribute within 60 days of listing. The good news is, we are still within that time frame! The bad news is, as many of you already know, our distribution schedule was mildly disrupted because of some bots that infiltrated our Google wallet confirmation form.

Since it had been a few months since our initial airdrop, many winners had requested that we update their ETH wallet before distribution. We thought it was fair to double check with our winners if they had updated their ETH wallet address, by sending them an extremely short Google form to simply confirm or update it. Somehow, beyond our control, the Google form link was sent to a few public airdrop groups with misinformation that we were holding a new airdrop event. This led to an expected 3,700 responses turning into 35,000+.

Of course, since these new participants did not provide e-mail addresses that match the original winners’ e-mail addresses, this was all done for nothing. We can assure you that no confused people or scammers are included in the distribution list and we have been thorough in matching updated information to the original winners only.

This has proven to be a lengthy task, but we look forward to getting you your deserved rewards shortly and within the 60 day deadline!

In conclusion, we wish everyone a Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support, as always, and see you in 2021!



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