Guess what every one it's time to get sucked into the rabbit hole as a new partnership with Ludena Protocol and Bunicorn is formed this week. Thanks to this breakthrough, cute rabbits will be jumping about in the palms of every Korean that creates Easter Money, not chocolate eggs.

So what is this partnership about? Very simple, Ludena has more than 3million members, and Bunicorn is an amazing game with cute bunnies. A perfect cohesion, and girls love bunnies. …

Ludena Protocol, a Social BlockChain Game Company with a P2E platform, partnered with 15 Blockchain Companies in a matter of months. Those companies include Faraland, Min-mins, Duelist King, Legend of Fantasy Wars, PlayDapp, Destiny Divide, Six Dragons, The sandbox, Grasshopper Farm, Dinox, CoinFantasy, Gamyfi, Bunicorn, and Monsta Infinity.

Ludena Protocol’s GameTalkTalk DApp, full-blown social networking with its Play to Earn feature, has provided services for Big names such as Nexon, NCSOFT, and others with user acquisition in Korea. But recently, it has shifted its focus to Blockchain Game companies after integrating Ludena Protocol Blockchain Technology.

Due to this integration, with…

This week Ludena Protocol announced a Partnership with Duelist King so that millions of gamers in Korea and around the world can taste this Amazing TCG Game!

On the 27th of September, both companies with the Play To Earn system will do an event where thousands of users can receive free NFT drops and Token Drops for participating. This partnership event is going to be one of a kind as the Synergies are powerful and the willingness to reward users for playing this game is immense!

Duelist is special, very special because it's got a deep-rooted story from villains to…

이번주 금요일, 루데나와 Enjin의 Min-Mins 게임이 함께 수 천달러의 경품을 드롭 합니다! 참여하여 엔진 마켓플레이스에서 거래 할 수 있는 Min-Mins 게임의 1200 NFT와 수 백만원 상당의 루데나 토큰을 Get 하세요!

이번 이벤트를 통하여 수백만원 상당의 루데나 토큰과 수천만원 상당의 레전드 NFT를 경품으로 드립니다!

이벤트는 총 3개로 이루어져 있습니다.

(그림 그리기, 영상 찍기, 레벨업)

#1) 그림 그리기 이벤트

This week Ludena and Enjin Based Min-Mins are giving Away THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF PRIZES including 1200 NFTs to people who participate in this event.

Those who participate in Art Event, Hot Clips, and Reaching level 10 in training mode will receive Min-Mins in Game functional NFTs that can be traded in Enjin Market Place and Thousands of Dollars Worth of Ludena Tokens.


1. Art Event

Do you have Coins and Tokens that are stuck in your wallet without any apparent use? Do you like to bet with your friends which Coin or Token will be successful? Well, guess what you can do that through Coin Fantasy and win MEGA rewards!

This week Ludena Protocol’s Play To Earn Platform and Coin Fantasy announced a partnership so that millions of its users can bet that their coins are more popular instead of just arguing about it!

What is Coin Fantasy?

In Coin Fantasy, users can join games to predict the best performing set of cryptocurrency tokens. …

Do you have the ability to predict the outcomes of the future? Are you a mathematician and love to play games? Do you have what it takes to always win when it comes to betting? Well, GamyFi may be just right for you.

This week Ludena Protocol announced a partnership with GamyFi which will allow gamers and users to bet and win rewards for predicting the outcomes of sports games.

Thanks to its GameTalkTalk’s Play to Earn Social Platform, another 100 million sports enthusiasts in and around the world will have the chance to generate income through fun exciting money-generating…

Ludena Protocol , a blockchain game Social Platform with Play To Earn EcoSystem, announced a strategic partnership with Grasshopper Farms, the premier blockchain-based Telegram integrated game!

Grasshopper Farm is a casual and easy-to-access play-to-earn game built right into the Telegram messenger app! Players only need to create a Telegram account and access the game from any device that has access to the internet! Then, collect Grasshopper NFTs, send them out on quests, engage in world boss attacks, or assault your opponent bases on the world map!

Grasshopper Farm also features unique aspects such as Swarms (guild system), a weapon forging…

It is another week of exciting news for Ludena Protocol as one of the coolest Collectible Card Games joins forces to tap into Korea's serious Hardcore gaming market for its Alpha Launch.

Destiny’s Divide may well be the next best thing in the future as it includes all of the superb gameplay and graphics. Furthermore, with all of the features of godly powers and magical beings with Play To Earn blockchain technology, this game is sure to make players go wild.

Ludena Protocol is steadily gaining traction in the crypto space; it opens its doors to numerous strategic partnerships. Having joined forces with several amazing game publishers this year, Ludena Protocol is thrilled to welcome yet another partner, Faraland publisher by Moon Knight Labs, the first NFT game built on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).

Faraland is a role-playing strategy wargame for Android and iOS, developed on blockchain by MoonKnight Labs, a company based in Vietnam. The players control the characters of 7 races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons — each with different abilities, strengths, intelligence, and agility, to fight…

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